Ashfield Bicycle Group


Ashfield Bicycle  Group is for people who want to see things get better for cyclists in the Ashfield area.

We meet monthly to plan our activities

We run regular rides for people wanting to learn more about getting around the area by bike

We work with Ashfield Council to improve road facilities and cyclepaths

We work on projects with other local bicycle user groups and Bicycle NSW

We don't receive any government funding

We aren't aligned with any political party

Why not join us and help make Ashfield a better place for cyclists?

Ashfield Bicycle Users Group Inc and its members:

  1. 1.Lobby for facilities

  2. 2.Put forward a cycling perspective

  3. 3.Enjoy life

  4. 4.Promote cycling as a healthy activity

  5. 5.Have a lot of fun on two wheels

  6. 6.Are friendly and understanding


Meetings are held on the second Monday of the month at 7.30pm, Summer Hill Community Centre

131 Smith Street Summer Hill

Contact Leonard Smith


Why not join us (it's FREE) and help make Ashfield a better place for